Global Transformation Festivals

Wings Of TWU

General Unity Council (GUC)

The GUC is the core committee which co-ordinates with all the other wings of TWU. This is the central administrative block containing rooms for administration, board, staff etc.

Spirituality & Health

Transform existing health practices into a holistic model, giving importance to integrated physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This wing includes various types of healing modalities: complementary, alternative, allopathic and others, to assist the healing process within an individual. Services will be provided to all who come to this holistic health hub.

Spirituality & Education

Re-define education (from pre-natal to geriatric age group) by emphasizing the importance of developing inner strength as a means of character building to develop enlightened world citizens.

An educational system will be developed enabling children to learn various arts, sciences, and philosophies for developing character and consciousness. Pre-school to university education will be available to all.

Spirituality & Family Wellbeing

Importance of family and raising the commune’s children by dedicated adult residents. This allows the child to develop their own consciousness by exposure to different viewpoints, learning from several people, not restricted to conditioning of individual parenting.

Spirituality & Environment

This wing will make the premises green and sustainable by way of producing proper food through permaculture and other pesticide-free agricultural methods. It also encourages and empowers the neighbouring areas in the same way – treatment of water, irrigation, and purification of the five elements will also be done by this department.

Spirituality & Women Empowerment

To share resources that nurture and cultivate the divine feminine in each human being – the qualities of self-empowerment, nurturing, caring, compassion and sharing.

Spirituality & Youth Empowerment

To promote, showcase and enhance the innate abilities and honouring of each young person for their own and others’ evolution and to inculcate principles of centeredness, balance, peace, and harmony at a young age, so that they become responsible citizens of the world – all this with the help of periodical classes and workshops in residential and non-residential ways.

Spirituality in Business & Management

To transform existing business and management practices into a holistic model achieving excellence combining spiritual strength, personal integrity, and honour. To become a resource of information for effective management practices. Professionals will offer such services to people and organizations all over the world through various spiritually empowering ways and means by way of creating self-banking systems.

Spirituality & Science & Technology

Establishing spirituality through various scientific means like principles of quantum physics and other methodologies, spiritual research laboratory, bio-feedback mechanisms etc.

Spirituality & Media

An established media centre which designs and promotes the activities, publishing periodic magazines, and journals. Managing different channels on social and electronic media of the communes and influencing the global media - print, electronic and social media - from a spiritual perspective which allows the power of media to shift from ratings-centredness to a transformation-centred force.

Spirituality and Arts & Culture

All things are created spiritually before they are created physically. The arts enable us as humans to understand eternal concepts more profoundly, including the ubiquitous challenge of all humankind to embrace the dual nature of our spiritual and physical existence. The Arts & Culture wing is a non-denominational element that encourages all to join together in using the arts to express the underlying spiritual values we share: peace, love, acceptance, oneness, the divinity and eternal nature of the soul and the interconnectedness of all humankind, nature and the universe.

Spirituality & Yoga

To help develop a seamless society of yoga practitioners who are committed to the essence of yoga as union of body, mind and soul, sincere in their efforts of uniting with the highest level of consciousness. Going beyond asana as a set and series of physical twisting and breathing exercises to attain the centred consciousness. Spreading the essence of yoga

Spirituality and Good Governance & Politics

To train leaders and administrators in various areas of administration with course content incorporating ethics and values. Foster administration that is ethical, and people oriented. To create awareness among the authorities and the public for a value-based administration by publishing literature, organizing seminars and regional conferences. To promote a political culture in which politicians imbibe values and spiritual principles moulding them to become statesmen, governing with leadership and not force. To communicate and administer in clear and simple language to all.

Spirituality and Inter-Faith Harmony

Promote religiousness instead of belief systems as rigid religions. This is possible through dialogues at various levels, from grassroots to corporates and educating the importance of internalization of consciousness more than following certain rituals and prayers and thus becoming fundamentalist and intolerant.

As we proceed together, our co-creations will help our concepts and vision to become clearer and clearer. This document will be edited periodically. Stay tuned!

Themes Name of the Wing Abbr.
General Unity Council General Unity Council GUC
Spirituality and Health The World United - Doctors' & Healers' Association TWUDHA
Spirituality and Education The World United - Educators' Association TWUEdA
Spirituality & Family Wellbeing The World United - Family Wellbeing Association TWUFWA
Spirituality and Environment The World United - Environmentalists' Association TWUEnvA
Spirituality and Women Empowerment Women of The World United WTWU
Spirituality and Youth Empowerment Youth of The World United YTWU
Spirituality and Business & Management The World United - Entrepreneurs' Association TWUEA
Spirituality and Science & Technology The World United - Scientists' Association TWUSA
Spirituality and Media The World United - Media Network TWUMN
Spirituality and Arts & Culture The World United - Arts & Culture Association TWUACA
Spirituality and Yoga The World United - Yoga Association TWUYA
Spirituality and Disability Management The World United - Disability Management Wing TWUDMW
Spirituality and Good Governance & Politics The World United - Spirituality Politics & Governance TWUSPGA
Spirituality and Inter-Faith Harmony The World United - Religion-Spirituality Wing TWURSW