Global Transformation Festivals

The World United Entrepreneurs' Association

The aims and objectives of the TWUWA are:

  • To implant the wisdom of ancient scriptures with their spiritual content and apply in the field of business and management to enrich the contribution of entrepreneurs and businessmen, to ensure lasting prosperity and happiness to humanity.
  • To help entrepreneurs and businessmen to shift the focus from short term gains arising from greed and short cut methods of making profits, to establish and run their business based on Dharma or Righteousness, making acquisition of wealth secondary
  • To help business and management to understand the relevance of ancient wisdom and values.
  • To create awareness among entrepreneurs, managers and workers about the need for undertaking and organizing their activities based on Dharma,
  • To transform existing business and management practices into a holistic model achieving excellence combining spiritual strength.
  • To become a resource of information for effective management practices, and to provide information about these options as well as professionals offering such services, to people and organizations in India, and all over the world.
  • To help business and management to attain transparency in their transactions based on value systems, imparting ethics for making business corruption free.
  • To help organizations to develop spiritual strength to improve productivity and performance