Global Transformation Festivals

The World United Arts & culture Association

Our Vision

All things are created spiritually before they are created physically. The arts enable us as humans to understand eternal concepts more profoundly, including the ubiquitous challenge of all mankind to embrace the dual nature of our spiritual and physical existence. TWUACA is a non-denominational organization that encourages all to join together in using the arts to express the underlying spiritual values we share; peace, love, acceptance, oneness, the divinity and eternal nature of the soul and the interconnectedness of all humankind, nature and the universe.

The arts, if used properly have the potential to bring humans closer to the divine and to lift humanity, to bring about spiritual awakening and to elevate the consciousness of the human family. The arts also allow us to connect to our heritage and through music, dance, costumes, story-telling, painting, sculpting and other forms of creative expression, find a cultural identity which, once found, can and ought to be shared with others to enhance understanding and cross-cultural familial bonds between the nations and peopleof the world.

To this end, The World United Arts and Culture Association (TWUACA) has been created. We are an overarching global organization aimed at lifting humanity in tangible and intangible ways and in bringing about Spiritual Awakening and positive change through the arts. We welcome all artists and art-lovers who want to make the world a better place.

The aims and objectives of the TWUACA are:

  • To foster interest and participation in all forms of art which lead to spiritual awakening among all members of the global community
  • To raise awareness about the transformative nature of artistic expression
  • To share current methodologiesand develop new modalities that utilize the arts to break cycles of poverty, hunger, indignity, injustice and abuse across the globe
  • To provide a grand international platform for the presentation and employment of various art forms by inspired artistsas a catalyst for the positive transformation ofhumankind
  • To encourage cultural awareness through training in and sharing of indigenous art forms
  • To trigger a worldwide presence of TWUACA groups that further the interest of personal and planetary awakening through arts

Mission Statement of The World United Arts and Culture Association Is to advance use of the arts in creating positive change for the human family. We foster interest and participation in all forms of art that lead to spiritual awakening, amelioration of the human condition and cultural awareness.