Global Transformation Festivals

Our Vision

To transform the existing health practices into a holistic model wherein the neglected aspects of health like the psychological, emotional and spiritual well being will be given due importance.

We Welcome all the Doctors and the Healers and also supporters of Holistic model of Health.

True to it's mission, TWUDHA helps all the physicians and health care professionals practice Holistic health principles which are not taught in the conventional medical schools. TWUDHA advocates Integration of all the ancient and the new age healing remedies which transform the existing health care practices.

The main objective of TWUDHA is to create awareness not only among the health care practitioners but also among the general masses regarding the role of thoughts, emotions and belief systems on the cause and cure of the disease and suffering.

TWUDHA also promotes the concepts of balancing the body energy system, value of prevention, life style changes, nutrition etc. instead of the conventional quick fix solutions.

If you are interested to seek holistic health support, update the current trends in these practices you can find the information, inspiration and support in this website.

Come join us as a esteemed member/supporter of TWUDHA to create a greater voice in health segments and to re-create a most beneficial, minimally invasive, least expensive and ever lasting health model.

THE WORLD UNITED Doctors' & Healers' Association encourages and supports you to actively participate in enhancing your health and well-being.

TWUDHA does not make value judgments distinguishing these individuals and Institutions or what they provide.