Global Transformation Festivals

The World United - TWUSPGA

The aims and objectives of the TWUSPGA are:

  • To improve the quality,direction and depth of politics and good governance by imparting spiritual strength in all areas of governmental functions
  • To draw relevant concepts, tools and techniques from the wisdom of the past and ancient scriptures for good governance
  • To prepare proposals for improved performance in various areas of governmental action in order of priority, incorporating ethics. values and spiritual principles and submit them to the authorities
  • To train leaders and administrators in various areas of administration with course content incorporating ethics and values to make their administration ethical,and people oriented
  • To publish literature, organize seminars and regional conferences to create awareness among the authorities and the public for a value based administration.
  • To promote political culture by which politicians imbibe values and spiritual principles molding them to become statesmen.
  • To set up institutions for character development with specific reference to politics and governance