Wings of TWU

Themes Name of the Wing Abbr.
General Unity Council General Unity Council GUC
Spirituality and Health The World United - Doctors' & Healers' Association TWUDHA
Spirituality and Education The World United - Educators' Association TWUEdA
Spirituality & Family Wellbeing The World United - Family Wellbeing Association TWUFWA
Spirituality and Environment The World United - Environmentalists' Association TWUEnvA
Spirituality and Women Empowerment The World United - Women Association TWUWA
Spirituality and Youth Empowerment Youth of The World United YTWU
Spirituality and Business & Management The World United - Entrepreneurs' Association TWUEA
Spirituality and Science & Technology The World United - Scientists' Association TWUSA
Spirituality and Media The World United - Media Network TWUMN
Spirituality and Arts & Culture The World United - Arts & Culture Association TWUACA
Spirituality and Yoga The World United - Yoga Association TWUYA
Spirituality and Disability Management The World United - Disability Management Wing TWUDMW
Spirituality and Good Governance & Politics The World United - Spirituality Politics & Governance TWUSPGA
Spirituality and Inter-Faith Harmony The World United - Religion-Spirituality Wing TWURSW

6 Continents
7.5 Billion Population
200 Nations
1000+ Spiritual Leaders
Coming together for unifying the consciousness of humankind
Let's join hands for awakening of consciousness of the critical mass


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