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TWUDHA was initially founded as New Age Doctors Association (NADA) was founded in May 2007 with the launch of India's 1st CMSE ( Continued Medico-Spiritual Education) in the city of Hyderabad, India after a few brain storming sessions among a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Holistic Health Practitioners who have come forward to create this platform. We want all the health professionals to actively participate in this association to create a global holistic health model.

Wherever you are in the journey of self-actualising the holistic model of practice TWUDHA assists you by keeping you updated regarding the diverse holistic options available in the health care division. These options range from the ancient to the newage remedies encompassing a wide gamut of therapies.

  • To create awareness among the masses regarding the importance of holistic principles to
    enhance one’s wellbeing.
  • To introduce and to promote the holistic principles in the existing health care practices.
  • To encourage people to actively participate in their own health by giving proper importance to one’s psychological, emotional and spiritual status.
  • To create a health conscious world by giving more importance to the preventive aspects of health, life style changes, nutrition and meditation etc at the earliest possible time as creating health is not a product to be achieved but a continuous on-going process.
  • To provide minimally invasive, very safe, less economical health care services.
  • To become a resource of information regarding the multitude of these options and also providing the information about the concerned professionals not only in India but also abroad by having holistic alliances with the related associations.
Principles of Holistic Medicine
  • Total well-being :– a complete physical , psychological , emotional , social , vocational and spiritual well-being as advocated by WHO.
  • Attitudes :- Attitudes can almost decide personal well –being. Right attitudes makes us well and wrong attitudes makes us ill.
  • Life style changes :- The role of regular physical exercise, meditation and other rerlaxation methods and proper food eating habits cannot be ignored.
  • Nutrition :- The importance of cereals and pulses, raw-vegetables and natural foods are powerful detoxifying agents.
  • Prevention :- It is always better to act before the entry of disease and suffering in our most precious lives.
  • Inherent healing abilities :- The body has a natural inherent defense homeostatic mechanism which maintains the energy equilibrium which decides health status of the body.
  • Role of relationships :- The harmonious and health enhancing relationship between the practitioner and the patient triggers the most essential contributors of the healing process.
  • Personal energy :- Personal energy many a time can work both in preventive and therapeutic ways by bringing health enhancing insights.

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