Post Conference Workshops
Leonardo Orr
Worshop : Re-Birthing / Breathwork
Date: 20-28 Dec 2010
Worshop : Light - Future of Medicine
Date: 20 Dec 2010
Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
Worshop : Meeting of East and West - The Aquarian Bodhisattva
Date: 20-21 Dec 2010
Beatriz Fernandez
Worshop : Family Constellations
Date: 20 Dec 2010

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff - WORKSHOP

Jacqueline Maria Longstaff

Hyderabad 20 – 21 December 2010


Meeting of East and West – The Aquarian Bodhisattva is a mixture of personal and collective exploration. Jacqueline’s teachings are always deep and totally Truth centered. They support your path to awakening. This is an exciting program that addresses topics relevant for those who are interested in deepening their inner spiritual connection and who also use, or now feel ready to use, their spiritual insight out in the world for the collective upliftment of consciousness awaiting us. It combines Truth teachings from East and West.
09.30 11.00 General introduction to the sign of Aquarius and the planets Uranus and Jupiter. A look at three relevant topics:
1. Spiritual scientists.
2. Advaita prisoners vs ”in the world but not of it.
3. Systems busters – learn how to make ”compassionate waves”. All participants receive a copy of the second edition of Jacqueline’s first book, “The Last Waltz - the collective shadow”. Finish with “Namaste Rap” created by Jacqueline.
11.15 12.30 ”Free God From Religion” followed by questions and insights from participants.
12.30 02.00 Lunch Break
02.00 03.30 ”Life happens whether you like it or not, but the God inside of you is free to dance” (Jacqueline) How to surrender to your highest truth. A look at the teachings in “The Train Song” from a collective perspective.
03.30 04.00 Tea / coffee break.
04.00 06.00 Inner work and 45 minute dancing meditation.


09.00 11.00 On the way to 2012: Holding the vision and expressing Truth in your own creative way. Includes Vedic astrological chart for Dec. 21st 2012.
11.15 12.30 Cosmic sexuality. Questions and insights from the participants.
12.30 01.45 Lunch Break
01.45 03.15 Hridaya - the Spiritual Heart. Teachings on Hridaya followed by music and special blessings from Jacqueline.
03.15 03.45 Tea / coffee break.
03.45 05.15 Final questions, whatever is needed for completion, music and Bhodisattva blessings to the planet.

Fee : Rs. 6500/- (Students Rs. 4000/-) Jacqueline’s latest book, ”The Cosmic Airport - A vision whose time has come” will be available to all course participants for just Rs. 100/-

Mode of Payment Details :
Please send your Cheque/DD with address and bank details
(please send the transaction details, once you deposit into the bank account).


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