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Leonardo Orr
Worshop : Re-Birthing / Breathwork
Date: 20-28 Dec 2010
Worshop : Light - Future of Medicine
Date: 20 Dec 2010
Jacqueline Maria Longstaff
Worshop : Meeting of East and West - The Aquarian Bodhisattva
Date: 20-21 Dec 2010
Beatriz Fernandez
Worshop : Family Constellations
Date: 20 Dec 2010

Beatriz Fernandez - WORKSHOP

Beatriz Fernandez

This is an opportunity to train with Beatriz Fernandez

1 Day on 20 Dec 2010

1 Day fee : Rs. 2,500/-
(inclusive of workshop material, lunch and tea on both days)


Beatriz Fernandez is a personal and spiritual growth facilitator from Spain who has been over ten years working and searching on this field through different tools such as Rebirthing Breathwork, Family Constellations, Acupuncture, Bach Flowers, Meditation, Reflexology, Qi Gong, Reiki, Channeling, Craneo Sacral Osteopathy.
Besides all the trainings she attended, she’s been fortunate to collaborate as a translator for many international teachers and spiritual leaders such as Leonard Orr (Rebirthing), Sondra Ray (Rebirthing), Shivendu Lahiri (Kriya Yoga), Sathyarti Gobbels (Family Constellations), Mervyn Walden (Classical Osteopathy), etc.

Main Content of the workshop
A systemic view of how children's blind love for their parents perpetuates family dysfunction and how this love can be transformed into the enlightened love that supports well-being.
Unconsciously, children remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly and seldom dare to live a happier, healthier or more fulfilling life than their parents and ancestors following a destiny that does not belong to them. Bert Hellinger found that each member in our family holds a special place and has an equal right to belong to the family system. If any member of the family is disrespected, forgotten, excluded, or disregarded in some way, someone in a later generation may repeat his or her fate by sharing a similar misfortune.

Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns and reestablish the "Orders of Love" by acknowledging this entangled influences and transforming this "blind love" into "enlightened love", and emotional and physical suffering can be gently and compassionately transformed, so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.
In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results are often immediate and life-changing.
Furthermore, even attending the workshop just as a participant is a strong healing experience that teaches us how to look at life in a different way, beyond the restrictions of good and bad, from an including and compassionated point of view.

The Focus of the Workshop
In a workshop, clients come with a particular issue they want to address. The issues are often long-standing problems that plague a person's life, regardless of repeated attempts at change or developing insight _ such as relationship problems, physical symptoms or illnesses, strong negative feelings, not being able to succeed in any area, addictions, etc.
He or she chooses workshop attendees to represent members of his or her family that are important for that matter, then places them in relationship to each other. Despite not knowing each other or having much information about the family members or their relationships to each other, the representatives become a living model of the original family system.

Through the approximately one-hour-time Family Constellation, a person is shown the true origin of the stated problem and new opportunities for disentanglement and resolution. The client can see and feel love flowing again in his or her family system and will no longer have to sacrifice personal health or well-being.
The client may experience immediate change as a result of the constellation or it may take some time for these very deeply ingrained patterns to work themselves out. In either case, it is left to the client to take the patterns revealed in the constellation and let them unfold naturally within the soul.


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