Most Powerful, Most Grounding, Ancient and MUST learning for all the Healers, Spiritual Seekers and for all those who aim at or enhance Inner Transformation

Event Schedule ( which includes 6 profound exercises which activate the Hara consciousness)

Level I ( 2 hrs )

  • What is Hara and it's Alignment ?
  • Power of Intent
  • Consciousness Quotient and it's enhancement
  • Meridians of Consciousness
  • Applications of tapping Hara Consciousness
  • Pre-Requisites of the Practice
  • Letting –Go and Letting –In Process
  • Energising Exercises
  • Methodologies of connecting to Hara
    Sensitisation Methods
    Visualisation Methods
    Energy Breathing Methods

Level II ( 2 hrs )

  • Applications of Hara Consciousness
  • Tapping the Universal Energies
  • Getting connected to the Planetary Hara
  • Being a Samurai
  • Utilisation of Energy Meridians for the Awakening of Hara Consciousness
  • Staying and acting from Hara
  • Hara Connection in relationships

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