THOUGHTS OF Dr.Yugandhar

Dependence on your guru or meditation room or a belief will finally enslave you so much
so that , it may take many lifetimes to come back to your meridian !


Not focussing on the centralisation of one's consciousness makes one a victim of inessential
phenomenon ! Be Aware !!!


Oneness inside (Awakening the centre of consciousness ) leads to Oneness outside

An enlightened person doesn't ask anyone to believe anything. They simply point the way
and leave it to the people to realize it for themselves.


The teaching should dominate the teacher. All these years the teacher has dominated
the teachings. Now with the coming of the aquraian age the consciousness has to be
centered for the mankind by way of transforming into a people's movement where, the
internalisation of one's consciousness leads to internalisation of mankind's consciousness.
The carry forward activity of this movement is kept in your golden hands so that you
take up the role of being a part of the evolution of planetary consciousness.