Hara in Japanese means ' Centre of your being '. It is a point 2" below the navel and when you are deeply aware, You find yourself here.

Hara is the Centre of Intuition, Immunity, Vitality and Longevity. Hara is also centre of Personal Will, Intent, and Sexual Energy and is the Core Consciousness of the Whole Being. Working on Hara is the process of Self-Becoming which erases the opinions, prejudices and beliefs. Learning the art and science of Hara certainly unleashes the hidden energies lying dormant within each one of us! All the truly enlightened masters live eternally in Hara Consciousness.

" Union of Head & Heart, Thought & Feeling, Intuition & Intellect is called as Yoga or Spirituality and all this union happens at the Centre of Your Being otherwise called as the HARA "... Dr.Yugandhar

By awakening Hara consciousness…. You

  • Heal all Physical & Emotional Maladies
  • Activate the Ground-Reality
  • Stabilize the Energy Meridians
  • Deepen the Connectedness with the Higher Self
  • Enhance the Intuitive Abilities
  • Destroy Stress & Strain forever
  • Attract what you really seek in life
  • Uproot the deep-seated fears governing the personal growth
  • Transform all the disease & suffering into a self-realising phenomenon
  • Alignment and Internalization of Axial Awareness
  • Come out of where you are struck emotionally and spiritually
  • Erase the self-devastating habitual patterns
  • Unravel the truth to see things as they are
  • Get attracted to right people and right situations in life
  • Develops a Consciousness of Insightful Living