Why World Parliament on Spirituality

"To create Oneness, Peace and Universal Brotherhood in World. By interacting with all the enlightened organizations and their members in world and make them to share, learn and work together for a Healthy & Happy World."


The prime aim of this Event is to explore the underlying commonalities in a multitude of spiritual and holistic diversities.

To make a strong and lasting impression of new age holistic and spiritual concepts & practices by inviting leaders of different origins, paths and fragrances on to a common platform

To awaken the masses from psychological & spiritual slumber

To reinforce the inner-faith unity and highlight the positive and secular side of Holistic Spiritual Sciences

To spread the concepts of inner transformation, synergistic living, peace & harmony

To guide the common man to choose his path by presenting an open and wide mile of various paths of spirituality


Methods to free oneself from stress and bondage

Inspiration & motivation for the inner and outer success

Realization of one's hidden potential and it's working tools

Value of emotional & spiritual quotient

Clarity about various holistic, spiritual paths & insights in just 7 days

Maximization of one's social & spiritual responsibility

Exposure to the teachings of various masters in the fields of Spirituality, Self-Transformation, Wellness etc


Congregation of eminent Global Greatminds with a common purpose Global Oneness on a common platform.

Gathering Delegates from all industries across the world

Conducting Brainstorming sessions and spiritual discoveries

New age malls displaying Spiritual literature, Health products, bio-feedback, aura scanners and etc


To create a New World free from pain and suffering and to herald global spiritual awakening on a massive scale

To reduce the friction between various Individuals, Groups and Nations to establish global peace and harmony

To establish a 100 member Global Spiritual Leadership Council which will conduct similar World Parliaments once in every 4 years

To establish The World United Spiritual & Holistic University

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