Meditation is not….
Meditation is not Prayer/Worship
Meditation is not Concentration…not Meditation requires Concentration
Meditation is not Contemplation
Meditation is not just a Method
Meditation is not ‘Doing’

Meditation a state of being which comes with emptying oneself
Meditation is choiceless awareness born out of the awakening of energy of understanding
While there is no singular method which can be called as superior or ultimate, still many meditation methods advocate the importance of Breath

Here is a method …

  • Sit Straight ( Sitting Straight makes the alignment of energy properly)
  • Nose and Navel should be in straight line
  • Close of your eyes with your hands on the lap
  • Watch the rise and fall of abdomen with each breath ( abdomen raises with every inhalation and goes within with every exhalation)
  • Keep the mind’s eye in the lower abdomen
  • Let the breath be smooth, soft, pause less/jerk less like the flow of oil
  • Allow the letting-go phenomenon happen
  • Let there be no expectation or craving for an experience
  • Slowly the meditative process starts blossoming
  • With continuous passive attention on Breath, slowly the mind gets emptied and gets focussed on the inner eternal silence and the consciousness slowly gets internalized. This internalized consciousness has to be maintained thru out the day and night

    The Mastery over Breath is said to happen when the breath always happen in the abdomen even during normal daily activities of life.When the breath patterns are changed, mind also changes

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