1st World Parliament on Spirituality - A History in the making

In this 21 st century of the spiritual and scientific revolution, our understanding of nature, ourselves and the universe is expanding in all directions. The social, cultural and spiritual implications of this upheaval are incalculable. At the same time, high technology-based media are also in a period of dramatic development, enabling us to widely share this newly dawning consciousness with a previously undreamt of degree of verisimilitude.

Our planetary civilization is in the later stages of becoming a wholly intercommunicating organism. Advances in visual resolution, interactivity and virtual reality make it possible to place the joystick of exploration in every hand. To open the galaxies the atom and the cell for personal reconnaissance and the spiritual truths told thru many religious belief systems. If we could separate the believes we could have a view of the truth.

The lines between commerce, education, entertainment and every other aspect of human activity blurr to the point of vanishing. Learning is now viewed as life long pursuit. And yet, our most dazzling entertainment capabilities are reserved for material that is largely substance-free. Meanwhile, the real time unfolding of the grandeur of the universe is treated as an aside; blandly reported, if at all.

We are a team of spiritual thinkers, writers, trainers, researchers, religious gurus, swamis, engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, doctors, Educators and artists who, with a growing list of partners across society, seek to address this disconnect between each belief systems and reach the ultimate Goal of every human being who have inhabited this world from eons of time.

This platform is created to bring forth those isolated, disconnected knowledge source on a single platform and discuss and deliberate on the subject matter of WHAT IS NEXT FOR US, AS HUMANS on the planetary evolutionary process.

There is a planet wide hunger for awakening, for who we really are beyond the cultural barriers and demarcations. And an ongoing enquiry of where we might go and who we might become.

The 1st World Parliament on Spirituality is an attempt by THE WORLDUNITED in partnership with many organizations across the globe to converge on a single platform in Hyderabad, India. During these 5 days event, there would be many speakers of great repute addressing this esteemed congregation. It would be a once in a life time experience of listening and participating and giving our input.

This is the call from our DIVINE to humanity to WAKE UP and prepare ourselves and support our Mother earth in its process of moving into greater consciousness shift. Begin to wake up to the possibility of you becoming a GALACTIC HUMAN BEING. Ask yourself how can I? And take up the challenge. Here is a moment in time which is awe inspiring.

Never ever such an inspiring event has happened in the history of our planet.

We, invite you to link with us on a planetary level, as an individual or as a group, to create a GLOBAL WEB OF LIGHT. You can make a difference by your presence during this date. Imagine several hundreds and thousands of spiritual masters and seekers from various paths, origins and fragrances on a common platform creating a single frequency of oneness. Imagine you are one such component and you are the PART OF THIS EVENT in bringing forth the HISTORY in the making.

Do not miss the opportunity, take the first step forward and confirm your seat.

There are other opportunities to participate: viz., exhibitors, sponsors, donors, etc., Explore your slot where you want to fit in this event. We love you for being available to read this and we know who you are. Looking forward to meet you soon.

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