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Avinash Sharma

Avinash Sharma on Breath work, Longevity and Tai Chi

Avinash Sharma, underwent training in Tai Chi (48 forms) in 1987 at Dong Dan Stadium, Beijing, China. Later he synchronized it with Breath work which revolutionized the healing process. By streamlining Breath work with supple body movement, he found rejuvenating energies (Yin & Yang). His book OYO-a concept from Indian and Chinese therapies has become a reference book for physical training in many police training centres across the country. Regular experiments and synchronizing with pranayama excelled him in new areas of his life at a macro level and he wants to share with all the participants the new horizons of life felt by these amazing exercises. Tai chi is infact a set of several exercises intertwined with each other to be performed at a low posture saturating all joints and muscles of the lower body totally in harmony with all upper body limbs.


  • Improvisation of Immune system
  • Intimate understanding of one’s physical and energy Body
  • Improvement of physical and mental skills in the specialized fields of the performer
  • The advanced form of Tai Chi with regulation of breath work opens new avenues of
    rejuvenation in the body
  • Experience of vitality (Chi) flowing inside the body

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