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Anneke Riewald

Anneke Riewald on Intuition & ESP

Anneke, born and raised in the Netherlands, has a unique background, .She has conducted seminars and workshops on Silva UltraMind ESP, Stress & Time management, Mind & Personality development, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba, DNA activation etc for groups from different countries . This has resulted in her being able to share international practical experiences across a broad and diverse mix of cultures. She also conducts Exclusive Life Changing Seminars on "Success & Manifestation" using the Law of Attraction. Training is not just a profession for her – but a Passion. She is a highly renowned and experienced Spiritual Counselor and holistic healer. She has also been ranked as an excellent facilitator not only by various multicultural audiences but also by corporate clients.


  • Intuition & 6th Sense
  • The inner guidance system
  • ESP – Remote Viewing
  • Alpha and Theta Mind Levels
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Active Dynamic Meditation / Quick Relaxation

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