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      How to be an Inner and Outer
Spirituality, Self- Governance and Effective Leadership The Flowing of Nectar- A Purification
      Sufi Path of Love Lively Aliveness Managing Anger and stress
      Success Mantra for Happy living End of Religion The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny
      Awaken your Subconscious mind Balancing the Body Energy System Yoga-Meditation An Antidote for Stress, Worry and Fear
      Holistic Health Care Dharma Chakra, the Wheel of Wisdom Masters of the World Unite
      Artistic Yoga Science of Meditation Inner Engineering along with Sounds of Isha
      Shamanistic Journey Osho Dynamic Meditation
 Sessions 30th Nov 1st Dec 2nd Dec


1. Swami Sukhabodananda
Topic - How to be an Inner and Outer Winner

Swami Sukhabhodananda is the founder Chairman of Prasanna Trust. He is also the Founder of the Research Wing which focuses on the Scientific aspects of Meditation. His several books which include Oh! Mind Relax Please, Oh! Life Relax Please won accolades not only from the intellectual community but also from the common men atlarge. He makes one realise that if one door closes the other door opens. Recently, He was a special invitee to the World Millennium Summit of the Spiritual Leaders. He has been addressing many gatherings at many important universities of India and abroad.


2. Mujaffar Ali Khan
Topic -  on Sufi Path of Love

Known the worldover by his film Umrao Jaan the name Muzaffar Ali spells a quest for Beauty, Excellence, Humanity and Aesthetics. Muzaffar Ali, essentially a painter and filmmaker deeply inspired by Sufism. His Creative Pursuits crept into Music, Craft, Fashion and Design etc. He began his services in advertising services followed by a ten year stint in Air India. In 2004 he created a Rumi Foundation with a vision to promote Global Oneness bridging the east and west devide. In his latest feature film Rumi, the fire of love he worked with one of the worlds acknowledged technicians including Dr.Deepak Chopra.


3. Smt. Jaya Row
Topic - on Success Mantra for Happy living

The seminar helps leverage inner resources to achieve success. Success comes from action. Action from thought. Thought from deeper wells of attitude and motivation within you. So master the basics of the inner game and the outer manifestations of action and success will follow automatically.

Inner Motivation Triumphs

Vedanta unfolds the higher, subtler, more powerful aspects of your own personality. Without this knowledge your actions become mechanical, boring. They lack vitality and initiative. Preoccupied as you are with your material and physical well being.

But when you are inspired by an emotional drive you rise to greater heights of achievement. Fired with an intellectual ideal, you become a storehouse of creativity and genius. If you go a step higher to the realm of the Spirit, nothing is impossible.

Svadharma and Star Performance

Vedanta exhorts you to first identify your own unique calling in life. Your svadharma own nature. When you invest your energy, resources and time in a field of your core interest you become a star performer. A field alien to your nature is difficult to excel in. And detrimental in the end.

The Vitamin of Success

There must be a larger purpose to justify the staggering amount of energy you pour into your work. All that youthful zest, enthusiasm and optimism need to be channelised. Go beyond mere feeding and clothing to satisfy your own deeper, more meaningful aspirations.

When you focus on the higher the results add up for everyone. Don't work to make money. Make money work for you. Profit is the result, the by-product of inspired, dedicated work. Profit should not be the only objective.

Force of the Focussed Mind

Vedanta gives the prescription of ideal action. Lends dynamism and success which originate from a calm, tranquil mind. A formula that works with all human beings.

At all times. The intellect directs all actions to the chosen goal and focuses the

mind on the present action. Thus with consistency and concentration you can

achieve anything. A focussed mind is the most powerful force in the universe!

Arithmetic of Synergies

Team spirit is the lubricating oil of an organisation. Everyone has admirable qualities but to reach the top, individual stars must align into constellations. Vedanta helps you move from isolation to communication and finally to communion. From asserting your desire and ego to identifying with others' interests. Team spirit comes about by having a common purpose. The organisation is in good shape when its employees dedicate their actions to the corporate goal. In a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. In the end the individual benefits.

Turbocharge Winning Performance

Useful tips to fuel success.


4. Sneh Desai
Topic - on Awaken your Subconscious mind

An young boy dreamed to become `Anthony Robins' who is the World's Peak Performance Coach and started training people. When he reached 12 years age he obtained the degree of Microsoft Certificate Professional. Sneh is an expert motivator and the leader for businessman, employees, student etc. He authored many Self- Development books and cds which he teaches in a weekend workshops. Sneh talks about activating the hidden potential of human beings. He also talks about angels and invisible guides who assist us in every phase of our life. Solving one's problems, uplifting oneself spiritually are important advantages of trusting our Sub-Conscious Mind.


5. Dr. H.T.Gangal
Topic - on Holistic Health Care

Dr. H.T. Gangal is an ex. Hon.Surgeon to the President of India. He is also former Hon. Professor of Surgery Kasturba Medical College, Hubli. He is a Post Doctral fellow in the Cardio-Vascular surgery, Baylor College of Medicine , Texas U.S.A. He is also a Member of policy development of Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore. His innovations in the fields of Surgery, Regenerative & Reconstructive Medicine & Surgery is remarkable. Here he is going to enlighten us about the neuro hormonal changes in the body due to disturbances of the mind. By changing the Psychological & Emotional attitudes & adopting a Holistic approach to health will actually cause reversal process of the disease process and the regeneration of the damaged parts of the body. Let us all rejuvenate & regenerate our bodies.


6. Bharat Thakur
Topic - on Artistic Yoga

It is a dynamic system of exercise that uses an improvised and spontaneous approach that is fun, enjoyable and at the same time focused. is suitable for a person of any age and any level of strength or flexibility. It is a technique that works especially well for people who have little or no knowledge of Yoga and cannot perform difficult postures. Those already practicing yoga will find that this system pushes their body and mind to the next level.

brings about about a total transformation of the mind and body, giving you tremendous results in a short span of time.

weight loss
disease curing
figure correction
toning of the muscles
stress relief
heightened energy levels throughout the day


7.  Dr.Cosima-Klinger Paul
Topic -  on Shamanistic Journey

Shamanism is a worldwide phenomenon that has survived in various forms beyond societies of 20.000 years ago. As Dr. Michael Harner, who pioneered methods for teaching core shamanism in his classic book "The way of the Shaman" notes, that shamanic methods are strikingly similar the world over, even for peoples whose cultures are quite different in other respects.

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual healing system in the world. It is neither a faith nor a believe system, it is an adventure.

Shamans in all cultures of the world were the first ones who were mediators between nature, the unknown or sacred and other human beings. All knowledge of the healing powers of plants, minerals and the elements originate from Shamans from all over the globe. They carried down wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation since the beginning of time and performed rituals for nature and their communities.

Commonly known as Medicine Man at the native Indians in North and South America or as Healers (Noaidi) in the Sami Tradition of the northern belt stretching from Norway to Siberia, the Druids of the Celtic tribes, the Aborigines in Australia or the priests of Korea and Hawaii, Shamans are known to be the first healers of humankind. The word "shaman" originates from the Tungusic language in Siberia.

Return to nature

Shamans all over the world consider nature as part of our self. They are capable of seeing the soul of the elements, the wind, the mountains, the rivers and lakes, mother earth and the stars. Everything has a soul and is playing its role in a great cosmic plan. We all play a role in this cosmic plan. It is a part of shamanic traditions that they learn from nature as they understand that nature is helping our own species to develop. We tend to loose our connection with nature while living in concrete jungles with our small desires. Returning to nature does not mean returning to a basic life standard but returning to a natural way of life full of passion and respect.

Core methods of shamanism

Their core technique is called shamanic journeying or traveling into ‘non-ordinary reality'. A Shaman is a man or a woman who enters into an altered state of consciousness by using monotonous sound like drumming, rattling or singing to access hidden information. They travel out of time and space. They visualize an opening to the earth like a cave or spring to enter into this parallel world. It was the famous author Carlos Castaneda who first named these realms ‘non-ordinary reality'.

Shamanism is a way to access spiritual guidance. The Shamanic practitioner or counselor enters into an altered state of consciousness and acts as a mediator between the spiritual world and yourself. He or she can access your spiritual guides, ask for help or find your hidden power to bring it back to you. In non-ordinary reality Shamans meet spiritual helpers that appear as animals or teachers in human form.

Return of the Shaman

How wisdom and knowledge of ancient Shamanic traditions have been revived in West and are used as problem solving and healing techniques in today's modern world the. I listen to the sound of the drum and slowly enter into an altered state of consciousness. I am always aware of where I am and slowly travel into what the Shamans call the lower world to regain power and strength for my friend Ajay who is currently suffering from depression and stress. He came to meet me after he heard about how Shamans in all parts of the world have commonly used this technique to solve the problems of themselves and those of their communities.

Commonly known as Medicine Man by the native Indians in North and South America or as Healers (Noaidi) in the Sami Tradition of the northern belt of Europe stretching from Norway to Siberia, or the Aborigines in Australia or the priests of Korea and Hawaii, Shamans are known to be the first healers of humankind.

Shamanism dates back some ten thousand of years and is the first spiritual practice known to the world. It can be used by anyone as a problem solving technique if it is understood and translated into modern times.

The word "shaman" originates from the Tungusic language in Siberia. Shamanism was and is still practiced by people around the globe. Shamanism existed before religions and as the well-known anthropologist Dr. Michael Harner mentioned, the main elements of this ancient techniques have very similar structures around the globe. Now, why would it be of any value to us in the modern world of the beginning 21st century?

Shamanism today

Do you sometimes experience inner emptiness but do not know why? Are you missing the kind of happiness and wholeness you remember from your childhood and you forgot where it had gone? Do you feel that you are not using your full potential but do not know how to access it? Is stress eating your days up and are you feeling you just don't have enough power to enjoy free time with your family? Do you feel that you and your family are loosing touch with nature?

Of course there are many different ways to solve problems and to release stress and anger. Especially India has a rich background of spiritual culture and the western world is currently benefiting from these traditions. What makes Shamanic-healing techniques unique is the fact that they go beyond traditional healing forms, as it is a method to directly access spiritual information and guidance. It works when other methods get stuck.

Shamanism is an ancient trance technique, in which the Shaman acts as a mediator between the spiritual world and the inner self. It opens the door to the inner and outer world of nature. Information about our selves in form of spiritual guidance lies hidden in these other worlds and is accessible to the Shamanic practitioner.

Sessions 30th Nov 1st Dec 2nd Dec
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