The WORLD UNITED is a binding force which connects all Individual who are committed to personal and planetary Evolution, working together as one unified whole across the planet to create a positive global transformation.

The WORLD UNITED is not governed by a single individual or a particular organized philosophy. The aim of The WORLD UNITED is to facilitate the unfolding of positive transformation by bringing together world renowned transformational leaders, scientists, philosophers, educators, etc., in order to facilitate conferences and symposiums around the world where people from all walks of life convene to learn, participate and take action for the betterment of our planet.

The WORLD UNITED believes that enlightened vision, intention, attention, and action is the secret that will bring true peace and Harmony to individuals, groups and nations. The WORLD UNITED believes strongly in the acronym of T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.

In order to create positive world change, leaders of all nations are required to unite on the common principles of peace and harmony. Thus, The WORLD UNITED has taken the role of bringing global harmony to this planet by connecting various individuals, leaders and groups working in diverse fields such as Spiritual Science, Holistic Health, Environment, etc., together.

As a means of actualizing this dream, The WORLD UNITED has created three platforms:

  1. The Spiritual Forum; under which leaders of Spiritual Science, having wide acclaim in all the five continents, were invited to the 1st National Conference on Spiritual Science which was held on 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2007 in the city of Hyderabad. Under this wing, representatives of Spiritual Science were invited to participate in a common platform so that the combined impact would result in a mass awakening of collective consciousness.

  2. The Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine Forum; was India’s first CMSE - Continued Medico-Spiritual Education Forum, which was held in Hyderabad, India on 24th to 26th May. Doctors, Yogic Masters and Healers were the presenters at this conference. Through their diverse array of alternative healing remedies, including meditation and other relaxation methods, along with a large group of physicians, together created the “ New Age Doctors’ Association ( NADA ) .” of which the main aim of this organization was created as a holistic model of health, taking into consideration the elements of Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual well being.

  3. Our Earth Today: Controlling the green house gases, global warming, animal protection, preserving the eco-systems, and vegetarianism have proved to be most essential for the survival of mankind. To address these needs, The WORLD UNITED has created Our Earth Today (OET). OET brings together environmentally concerned experts to convene together and find solutions to todays environmental concerns. OET is presently organizing a unique event called Envirothon to create awareness among the mass population in the most important areas of planetary health.

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