About Us

Aims and Objectives

To promote the view that the entire cosmos and all that exists within it are interrelated and interdependent and that nothing exists in isolation.

To facilitate Inner Transformation among people of all nationalities, religions, race, castes, color and creeds.

To create “Enlightened Alliances” so that all people committed to truth and transformation, who are working tirelessly all across the globe to uplift and support mankind can come together creating T.E.A.M. s (Together Everyone Achieves More) to support one another in their quest for a better world.

To integrate all of the “Transformational Sciences”, such as, spirituality, holistic health, sustainability, education, economics. Politics, arts music, etc., to the highest level possible by facilitating conferences on “Spiritual Science” worldwide.

Presently, THE WORLD UNITED has taken up 3 divisions.

They are:

  • Spiritual Science
  • Holistic Health
  • Environment

We invite all those working in these fields to join us.

Philosophy of WORLD UNITED

The foremost principle of THE WORLD UNITED is the understanding that everyone and everything is connected. Individuals and communities scattered across the globe, who are working in their diverse fields to make the world a better place, will be able to meet their goals and “do less and accomplish more” if their efforts are coordinated. Imagine what our planet would be like if we were all working in harmony as a unit in the highest sense of brotherhood together?!

Imagine Scientists, Spiritual Leaders, Doctors, Economists, Environmentalists, Educators, etc working in tandem together for the betterment of the world.

Gandhi said it best when he said,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

It is by coming together and creating “Enlightened Alliances” that the highest aspects of mankind can be realized and enjoyed by all.

“When two people come together to give maximum, both receive maximum”

The time has come for all of us to realize our “Oneness”.

Imagine a world where all of the enlightened leaders come together to co-ordinate with one another to create a New Earth. This is the aim of The World United.

Gautama Buddha told the world that he would return to the earth after 2,500 years in the form of Maitreya Buddha to help mankind free them from suffering.

If Buddha were to be reborn, he would obviously prefer to take birth in the form of “Maitri” which means friendship, cementing all the forces working for truth and transformation to create Buddha hood.

THE WORLD UNITED is attempting to create or become that “Maitri” to fill the void and to reinforce the unity in a multitude of diversities.

Let us join hands to make this dream come true.

Board of Members

The following members form the Board of THE WORLD UNITED.

All decisions, policies and activities are decided by the board after having consulted with the core committees and the members of the Leadership Councils of THE WORLD UNITED.

DR Kaarthikeyan

DR Kaarthikeyan  - Chairman

A magnanimous personality, is well known for his amazing “Life List” of accomplishments. He has held many prestigious positions in the democratic framework of our country. He was the Chief of Investigation of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Director-General of Central Reserve Police Force, Director of the prestigious Central Bureau of Investigation and Director General of National Human Rights Commission. This great ambassador of Spirituality from India ,In addition to his professional achievements he has also authored a bestseller ‘Triumph of Truth-Rajiv Gandhi Assassination-The investigation’.

Janet Attwod
Janet Attwod   -  President

Janet Attwod is the co-founder of the #1 online transformational magazine in the world, Healthy Wealthy n Wise Janet is the co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny, and co-author of From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power. Janet and her partner, Chris Attwood, through their company, “Enlightened Alliances” were responsible for introducing 70% of the teachers in the world famous movie, “The Secret” to Rhonda Byrne, the creator of “The Secret”.

Janet was awarded the Presidents Volunteer Service Award, the highest award given for services in the U.S. for her ongoing work with the homeless and youth in lockdown detention centers.

Dr Yugandhar GR

Dr Yugandhar GR  - Secretary

Dr Yugandhar GR is a General Surgeon, Spiritual teacher and a workshop trainer. Transformational Medicine is his brain child, under which banner, he devised and included many Medico-Spiritual methods. He was the organizing Secretary of CMSE and 1st National Conference on Spiritual Science in Hyderabad. He is the founder of Institute of Transformational Medicine.

Our Vision Of “The World United”

We believe it is possible for all of us to live in a peaceful world. That will only happen when peace is established in our personal lives.

As our personal wars end, as we begin to access more and more of our innate creativity and intelligence with the ability to come from a loving place, we will begin to see our world transform. There are ancient texts that describe a time when life was lived in abundance. Many Western scholars dismiss these descriptions as myths. We believe they are no more myths than if our current world was described to someone living in the 8th century.

Our world will blossom in ways we cannot even imagine as we begin to discover and live life from the level of unbounded, infinite creativity and intelligence that is our true nature. That nature has been covered up, hidden by the accumulation of concepts, beliefs and stories we've told ourselves that are simply not true. As we begin to open to a world of unconditional love and infinite possibilities, we will start to see the impossible become possible.

To give you a taste of what that might look like, here is one of the ancient descriptions:

"All the great sages came to the capital every day . . . and forgot all their indifference to the world the moment they saw the city, with its attics built of gold and jewels, and having splendid pavements laid in diverse colors. A most beautiful boundary wall with its battlements painted in different colors enclosed the city on all sides . . . The ground (the streets and squares, etc.) was so beautifully paved with crystals of various colors that the mind of the greatest sages would be enraptured at the sight. The white palaces were as high as to reach the skies; their shining pinnacles put to shame, as it were, the effulgence of the sun and the moon. Latticed windows made of diverse precious stones shone here and there . . .

"The mansions were illumined by jewels that served as so many lamps and had shining thresholds made of coral, pillars of jewels and walls of gold inlaid with emeralds, which were as lovely as though they had been built by the Creator himself. Beautiful, charming and commodious as the palaces were, they had their courtyards inlaid with crystal, and every gate thereof was provided with doors of gold embossed with diamonds.

"Every house was equipped with a hall adorned with lovely frescos . . . in such beautiful colors that they would ravish the soul of a sage who looked at them.

"Everyone had a flower garden planted in a characteristic design and trimmed with the greatest care, in which beautiful and lovely creepers of every variety blossomed all the year round as in the summer season. . .

"The bazaars were splendid beyond description; things could be had without any consideration there. How can anyone describe the wealth of the city . . .? All men, women, children and aged folk alike were happy, all of good conduct and comely in appearance."

There is no reason that our world cannot once again give expression to the infinite abundance that is inherent in life. We see the end of poverty, hunger, disease, crime, war and all behavior that brings unhappiness to the family of man and woman.

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